What is Environmental Management?




Environmental Management is a system that incorporates processes for summarizing, monitoring, reporting, developing and executing the environmental policies. The aim of encouraging an environmental management system is to ensure the healthy state of our planet for future generations. It also works towards preserving all forms of life.

The ecological balance of our planet has been disturbed through a technological revolution, heavy industrialization, growth in transportation, unplanned urbanization and of course exploitation of resources. Ecosystem stability is in danger as the relationship between human beings and the environment has deteriorated. The relationship can once again become harmonious if people start encouraging activities like conservation, regeneration, and protection of nature.

Environmental management is concerned with marine, land and atmospheric conditions and works towards issues like deforestation and global warming. It looks at the carbon footprint and tries to find ways to reduce the irreversible damage people are leaving behind.

Environmental management is described as a process to minimize waste and maximize compliance. It is created to address the environmental issues that have a direct and indirect impact on the globe and is affecting it adversely. It deals in finding appropriate solution s to environmental crises and preventing ecological disasters. Environmental management also investigates potential sources of renewable energy so that fossil fuel does not become depleted.