Objectives of Environmental Management



Environmental Management Masters Degree Programs | Environmental Management

The objectives of environmental management are as follows-

  1. Identifying environmental issues
  2. Finding solutions for environmental issues
  3. Establishing limits to avoid overuse
  4. Help to renew natural resources
  5. Minimize the use of natural resources
  6. Developing monitoring systems and research institutions
  7. Regeneration of degraded environment
  8. Review the environmental goals of an organization
  9. Setting environmental targets to minimize the environmental impact of an organization
  10. Control environmental pollution
  11. Ensuring environmental awareness program is being followed by every employee
  12. Review existing technologies and try to make then eco-friendly
  13. Make maximum utilization of natural resources
  14. Assess the impacts of potential activities on the environment
  15. Encourage resource conservation programs
  16. Develop strategies for improving the quality of life
  17. Implement ways for environmental protection
  18. Minimize the impact of natural disasters
  19. Identify, develop and implement policies related to sustainable development