Disadvantages of Implementation of Environmental Policies by Companies


Using the Environmental Management System Framework to Approach Data  Management


  1. Cost

The cost of developing, monitoring and implementing effective environmental management policies is high. It becomes difficult for every business entity to implement such programs in its business plan because of the high cost


  1. Too much of trouble

The environmental management system can prove too much of a trouble if you are a start-up or small business entity who have limited resources at its disposal


  1. Time and resources

The objective of implementing environmental management policies is to minimize energy and unnecessary resource consumption and reduce waste. It is a bitter fact that every such scheme requires additional use of time and resources that can prove expensive in terms of time, effort and resources to an organization.


  1. Training costs

In this process that will need recruiting human resources for all its stages. An organization has to offer training to its recruits if it wants to implement an effective system and this can prove expensive and troublesome to management.